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24,90 EUR*
Details Dixon-PA-HPM-SP-Hoop-Percussion-Mount

DIXON PA-HPM-SP Percussionshalter Halter zur Anbringung an einem Spannreifen Mit N-förmigem Rod zur Befestigung von Percussion- Accessoires.

17,99 EUR*
Details Control-Control-Control-Vinyl-LP

Mint and sealed - Tracklist: Control,Real,United,Lucifer,Your Ways,Modern Times,Come On Strong,Fatal,Right In The Game,Rise And Fall,Control,Real,United,Lucifer,Your Ways,Modern Times,Come On Strong,Fatal,Right In The Game,Rise And Fall

88,57 EUR*
Details Newa-Newave-Control-Controler-fr-bis-zu-2-Strmungspumpen

Newa Newave Control - Controler für bis zu 2 Strömungspumpen Steuersystem für bis zu 2 Aquarienpumpen Das Newa Control ist ein Steuersystem für Rückführungs- und Strömungspumpen bis max 100 Watt pro Steckdose.Das System ahmt die natürlichen ...

9,00 EUR*
Details 10-Staubsaugerbeutel-Miele-Allergotec-2000-Allergy-Control-2000-Allergy-ControlPlus-S-300-Allergy-ControlPlus-S-500-Allergy-ControlPlus-S-700-Allergy-Controll-700-von-McFilter

10 Staubsaugerbeutel geeignet für Miele uvm. Merkmale:- 5-lagig - Vlies - 2 Mikrofilter - 2 Motorschutzfilter - Inhalt: 10 Staubsaugerbeutel Unter anderem geeignet für folgende Staubsauger:Miele- Allergy Control, S 400 - Allergy Stop - Allervac ...

129,77 EUR*
Details Aputure-V-Control-Kamera-und-Videoauslser-inkl-Fernsteuerung-fr-Canon

Farbe:V-Control Farbe:V-Control Farbe:V-Control Farbe:V-Control Farbe:V-Control

9,90 EUR*
Details Self-control-2003201

Tracks: 1. Self control (Radio Edit) [03:59]2. Self control (Extended Version) [05:35]3. Self control (Karaoke Version) [03:59]4. Self control (Instrumental) [03:59]Erscheinungsland: Österreich

85,59 EUR*
Details Robust-Motion-Control-of-Oscillatory-Base-Manipulators-H-Control-and-Sliding-Mode-Control-Based-Approaches-Lecture-Notes-in-Control-and-Information-Sciences-Band-463

This book provides readers with alternative robust approaches to control design for an important class of systems characteristically associated with ocean-going vessels and structures. These systems, which include crane vessels, on-board cranes, radar ...

103,19 EUR*
Details Advanced-Control-of-Piezoelectric-Micro-Nano-Positioning-Systems-Advances-in-Industrial-Control

This book explores emerging methods and algorithms that enable precise control of micro-/nano-positioning systems. The text describes three control strategies: hysteresis-model-based feedforward control and hysteresis-model-free feedback control based ...

139,09 EUR*
Details Sliding-Modes-in-Control-and-Optimization-Communications-and-Control-Engineering

Sliding Modes in Control and Optimization (Softcover Reprint of the Origi) (Communications and Control Engineering (Paperback))

139,09 EUR*
Details Discrete-Systems-Analysis-Control-and-Optimization-Communications-and-Control-Engineering

Discrete Systems: Analysis, Control and Optimization (Softcover Reprint of the Origi) (Communications and Control Engineering (Paperback))

142,43 EUR*
Details Optimal-Control-Weakly-Coupled-Systems-and-Applications-Automation-and-Control-Engineering-Band-31

Optimal Control: Weakly Coupled Systems and Applications (Automation and Control Engineering #31)

93,08 EUR*
Details Integrated-System-for-Intelligent-Control-Lecture-Notes-in-Control-and-Information-Sciences-Band-167

Integrated System for Intelligent Control (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences #167)

245,03 EUR*
Details Identification-and-Stochastic-Adaptive-Control-Systems-Control-Foundations-Applications

No Identification and Stochastic Adaptive Control Read a customer review or write one .

93,08 EUR*
Details Control-of-Nonlinear-Multibody-Flexible-Space-Structures-Lecture-Notes-in-Control-and-Information-Sciences

Control of Nonlinear Multibody Flexible Space Structures (Advances in Industrial Control #221)

9,83 EUR*
Details IKEA-Flort-Remote-Control-Pocket-Organiser-Arm-Rest-Remote-Control-Pocket-Organiser

IKEA remote control pocket organiser which holds four remote controls with a pocket on the back for a newspaper or magazine.

223,63 EUR*
Details Impulsive-Control-Theory-Lecture-Notes-in-Control-and-Information-Sciences-Band-272

Impulsive Control Theory (2001) (Lecture Notes in Computer Science #272)

155,14 EUR*
Details Rational-Matrix-Equations-in-Stochastic-Control-Lecture-Notes-in-Control-and-Information-Sciences-Band-297

Rational Matrix Equations in Stochastic Control (2004) (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, #297)

96,29 EUR*
Details Robust-Control-Design-with-MATLAB-Advanced-Textbooks-in-Control-and-Signal-Processing

Robust Control Design with MATLAB (second edition) helps the student to learn how to use well-developed advanced robust control design methods in practical cases. To this end, several realistic control design examples from teaching-laboratory ...